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Comprehensive Printing Solution: The Craft Express Elite DTF Printer offers an all-in-one package with robust support accessories, maintenance tools, and premium printing materials, including 27 feet of DTF Film and high-quality DTF Ink in five colors. This setup ensures a seamless and efficient printing process across a wide range of textiles, from cotton to canvas.

Advanced Technology & Software: Equipped with a cutting-edge white ink circulation system to minimize clogging and extend the printhead's life, along with the Craft Express RIP Software for optimized color accuracy and ink management. These features together guarantee superior print quality, durability, and precision in every project.

Versatile and User-Friendly: Designed for ease of use and versatility, this printer supports a diverse array of fabric types and comes with a suite of user-friendly accessories, including a Film Exit Tray, Film Roll Holders, and connectivity tools. The inclusion of RIP software enhances the user experience by streamlining the design-to-print process, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

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    Elevate Your Creative Ventures with the Craft Express Elite DTF Printer: Your Comprehensive Solution for Textile Printing

    Step into the realm of premium fabric printing with the Craft Express Elite DTF Printer, a powerhouse designed to seamlessly transform your creative concepts into tangible, vibrant textile masterpieces. From intricate garment designs to unique sock prints, this sophisticated printer ensures that both light and dark colored fabrics are adorned with exceptional detail and color fidelity. It stands as an unparalleled tool for businesses and creators eager to explore the vast possibilities of printing on a diverse array of materials including 100% cotton, polyester, blends, leather, nylon, or canvas.

    Advanced Features for a Superior Printing Journey:

    • Robust Support Accessories: The printer is equipped with a Film Exit Tray and Film Roll Holders for efficient operation, complemented by Film Core Adapters and a Film Roll Bar to accommodate various sizes of DTF film. This setup is meticulously designed for seamless printing experiences across a wide range of projects.

    • Maintenance and Operational Efficiency: Ensure your printer's longevity and optimal performance with the included Ink Syringes, Funnels, Tube, and Cleaning Swabs. Disposable Gloves and Cleaning Cloths keep your workspace pristine, while Cartridges and a Motherboard Cable facilitate smooth functionality.

    • Seamless Connectivity: A USB Flash Drive and Power Cord are provided for straightforward setup and operation. The USB Cable ensures a reliable connection to your computing devices, streamlining your workflow for maximum efficiency.

    • Premium Printing Materials: This package comes complete with high-quality DTF Ink in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and White, ready to produce vivid, detailed prints. Additionally, 27 feet of DTF Film is included, offering ample material to kickstart your printing ventures.

    • Craft Express RIP Software: Elevate your printing capabilities with the included Craft Express RIP Software, a powerful tool designed to optimize your printing process for the highest quality results. This software enhances color accuracy, manages ink consumption efficiently, and ensures that your designs are printed with precision, making it an invaluable component of the Craft Express Elite DTF Printer package.

    Why the Craft Express Elite DTF Printer Stands Out:

    The Craft Express Elite DTF Printer redefines textile printing with its cutting-edge white ink circulation system, significantly reducing the risk of clogging and extending the printhead's service life. This, combined with the comprehensive suite of accessories and the Craft Express RIP Software, ensures a smooth, efficient, and high-quality printing process from start to finish.

    Dive into the future of textile printing with the Craft Express Elite DTF Printer. With its advanced technology, full suite of accessories, and powerful RIP software, this printer is your all-encompassing solution for creating high-quality, durable designs that stand out in the competitive market. Unleash your creativity and watch your business grow with the Craft Express Elite at your side. 

    Product Info:


    Printing Resolution: 2880 x 1440 DPI

    Printing Width: 75.4

    Printing Speed: A3 (1440DPI/ 7min)

    Software: Craft Express RIP

    Ink Waste: 1m2/ 20ml

    Compatible System: WindowXP, Window7, Window10 (Can't support Macbook)

    Ink Supply: 6colors CISS

    Ink Color: CMYK-WW

    White Ink Input Support

    Temp/Wet Display Support

    White Ink Mixing Yes

    Hot Function Yes

    Power/Plug Can provide based on what your country use

    Packing Size: 96.5 x 213.4 x 76.2” (with oven: 213.4 x 96.5 x 121.9”)

    Machine Dimension: 203.2 x 83.8 x 54.6” 

    Warranty 1 Year

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