Craft Express is committed to creating an exciting and rewarding experience for our Makers.

We know the power of creativity, and we’ll help you harness it.


Vik Patel, Owner

Vik, founder of 23ish and former Director of Marketing at Sawgrass Technologies, has recently opened Craft Express US after an extensive background in crafting and consumer products. When he’s not running the business or attending trade shows, you can find him enjoying all things Star Wars.


Guinness Patel, CMO

Guinness, Chief Morale Officer, has over 14 years of experience in morale-boosting and is a permanent fixture in the Charleston office. When he’s not sleeping in the stock room, you can find him begging for belly rubs like a good boy.

Meghan, Director of Social

Meghan, Craft Express's Director of Social Media, will be the face of all of our live streams, Zoom calls, and tutorial videos. She is extremely knowledgable and passionate about all things sublimation, vinyl, and crafting!

CrystalAnn, WOW! Partner

CrystalAnn, of sublimation crafting fame, has joined the Craft Express team as a “WOW!” Partner. She will be educating on all things Craft Express equipment, blanks, and materials on her amazing YouTube channel.

CrystalAnn's YouTube Channel

Mandy Graham, WOW! Partner

Mandy Graham, of Sparkleberry Ink    and custom pattern maker extraordinaire, has also joined the team as a Craft Express “WOW!” Partner. Her beloved crafting blog and weekly craft inspiration series will have you thrilled for your next project!

Sparkleberry Ink