8 Pack Color-Changing Adhesive Vinyl Sheets - Assorted ;-)

Item No.: CEADV16

Truly magic vinyl that changes colors right before your eyes!

Yes, you read that right. This permanent adhesive back vinyl cuts and adheres like a traditional vinyl, but the outcome is anything but ordinary. Just add ice cold water to select colors and steaming hot water to others and you’ll see the shades change right before your eyes! Great for children’s gifts, water bottles, mugs and for putting a smile on an unsuspecting friend’s face.

Comes in a pack of 8

For use with all cutting machines.

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    5 Pcs Cold Color Changing Vinyl (Activated below 15℃/59F): Clear to Pink, Pink to Purple, Yellow to Green, Light Yellow to Yellow

    3 Pcs Hot Color Changing Vinyl (Activated above 45℃/120F): Purple to Pink, Blue to Green, Orange to Yellow, White to Water Color

    8 Pcs Medium-Tack Transfer Films


    Not intended for kids to use.

    How to Use Our Adhesive Vinyl
    1. Use vinyl cutter to cut your design on the color side. Don’t mirror the image.
    2. Trim, peel and weed away all the excess. Only leave the cut-out pattern.
    3. Cut a piece of transfer film and apply it on the pattern.
    4. Flip it over with the transfer film down, and remove the back film of the vinyl.
    5. Fix the pattern on the item, smooth it out and peel off the transfer film slowly.
    6. Your design got transferred perfectly.

    For use on items with smooth surface.