500ml DTF Transfer Pigment Ink

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Vibrant Color Spectrum & Exceptional Wash Durability: Produces sharp, vivid colors that remain brilliant and fade-resistant even after multiple wash cycles, suitable for a wide range of fabrics.

Eco-Friendly & Safe: Made with an eco-friendly formula that is free from harmful solvents, ensuring a safer workspace and minimal environmental impact.

Wide Compatibility & Smooth Printing Experience: Compatible with various textiles and designed for smooth, clog-free printing, facilitating a quick, efficient, and hassle-free production process.

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Introducing our premium Direct to Film (DTF) Printer Ink – a game-changer for both hobbyists and professional print shops aiming to deliver high-quality, vibrant prints on a vast array of fabrics. Formulated to ensure an unparalleled printing experience, our DTF ink is your key to unlocking rich, vivid colors that stand the test of time.

Features & Benefits:

     Vibrant Color Spectrum: Our DTF ink is engineered to produce a wide range of colors, ensuring that your prints come out with the exact hues and shades as intended. From deep blacks to bright whites and every color in between, expect nothing less than sharp, vibrant prints that capture attention.

     Exceptional Wash Durability: Say goodbye to faded prints. Our ink is designed for superior wash fastness, allowing your creations to maintain their brilliance and color integrity even after multiple wash cycles. Ideal for fashion apparel, sportswear, and home décor, our ink ensures your prints remain as vibrant as the day they were pressed.

     Eco-Friendly Formula: Committed to sustainability, our DTF ink is made with an eco-friendly formula that is gentle on the environment. Free from harmful solvents and odors, it's safe for use in any setting, ensuring a healthier workspace and a greener planet.

     Wide Compatibility: Whether you're printing on cotton, polyester, or a blend of fabrics, our DTF ink adheres flawlessly, delivering consistent results on various textiles. Its versatility makes it perfect for a broad range of applications, from custom tees to unique home accessories.

     Smooth Printing Experience: Formulated for ease of use, our DTF ink flows smoothly through printers, reducing the risk of clogging and ensuring a hassle-free printing process. Enjoy uninterrupted printing sessions with ink that's as reliable as it is vibrant.

     Quick Drying & Transfer: Engineered for efficiency, our ink dries quickly, speeding up your production process. The fast-drying formula ensures crisp, clean transfers every time, minimizing smudging and ensuring a professional finish.


Ideal for a wide array of applications, our DTF ink is perfect for creating custom apparel, sportswear, fashion accessories, home décor items, and much more. Whether you're looking to produce small custom batches or large-scale productions, our ink provides the quality and consistency you need to stand out.

Embrace the future of textile printing with our Direct to Film Printer Ink. Experience the difference of vibrant, durable prints today and elevate your creations to new heights.


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