Extra Large Binder Clips, 2 pack

Item No.: CE-CWJ-2

• 2 pieces of metal binder clips for use with sublimation ovens and shrink films
• Only for straight drinkware blanks with handles
• Help sublimate mugs, tumblers, and bottles with handles easier
• Other essentials (sold separately) include: sublimation oven, shrink film, sublimation paper, sublimation ink or joy pens, markers & compatible drinkware blanks

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    Want to print some drinkware blanks with handles using oven and shrink films only but find it very hard? This binder clip can help you out and make the most of what you have!

    How it works?

    Ovens and shrink films are the perfect solution for handleless blanks, but are difficult to use for those with handles. But you will find it much much easier with this binder clip! It's specially made with great sturdiness and pressure, able to clamp shrink film on the handle for faster and easier shrinking, without tearing the films apart! 

    Simple Yet Versatile

    Although simple, this binder clip can bring so many possibilities! It's perfect reusable tool to use with our Craft Sublimation Oven, and help print more tumblers, mugs, and bottles with handles. You can use it on ceramic, stainless steel, and glass drinkware. 

    *Make sure the shrink film is clamped tightly.

    *Wear protective gloves during sublimating. 

    *Not intended for kids to use.