Sublimation where to buy

Your success as a sublimation business will largely depend on the printer you have and the quality of blanks you can provide to your shoppers. Try to find a distributor that offers the type of printer you are looking for and who has items that are well made, well coated in polyester, keep up with consumer buying trends and are cost effective.

Here at Craft Express, we attempt to offer all of those things! Our blanks are coated in 100% polyester and made from the finest ceramic, stainless steel, polyester, glitter and sequin materials we can find. We also keep a close eye on trends in both the sublimation and retail/ecommerce world. We work to bring in unique products that we know will ‘WOW’ the average shopper. All of our double-walled stainless steel drinkware is certified for 8+ hours of temperature control and can compete with any of the top names in the drinkware market. Plus, we try to keep our costs low so that you can keep your profit margins competitive.

We sell the Sawgrass SG500 which prints on a paper size of 8.5”x11”. Sawgrass has been around for more than 35 years and were pioneers in the desktop sublimation movement. Sawgrass printers are made by sublimation experts solely for the use of sublimation. Sawgrass inks are created in the US and made to work with Sawgrass printers. Sawgrass printers also come with their own color correction technology, run on automatic self-maintenance cycles, have lifetime tech support and come with a 2-year warranty.

What sublimation items sell best?

That is a loaded question. First, we would ask you to look at the audience you are trying to sell to or think about the designs/pictures you want to create with. But, there are without a doubt some items that never fail to sell in the sublimation market. 11oz & 15oz ceramic mugs are always a hot seller. 20oz Stainless Steel straight tumblers in white and glitter are also incredibly popular. Neoprene can coolers, tote bags, sequin backpacks, baby blankets, aprons and stainless steel can coolers are also very popular.